Different Types of Belt Fabrications


Mulhern Belting can build a wide range of fabrications at all of our plants. We have hundreds of years of thermoplastic and rubber belt fabrication knowledge and experience on staff. If it can be done with conveyor belting, Mulhern Belting can do it!

Lacing - The most common way of splicing belting is by lacing. It is a simple splice to achieve and easy to install on a conveyor

Endless - An endless splice features a high strength rating and a lack of metallic fasteners.

Profiles - Mulhern Belting fabricates a wide array of PVC, PU and rubber profiles for a range of industries and applications. Use our new Profile Viewer to search available Cleats, Lug patterns, V-Guides, Flanges, Weldwall and Sidewall.

Hole Punch - Different hole punch configurations can be fabricated for bucket elevators and belt perforations.

Specialty Fabrications - Mulhern Belting specializes in a wide range of specialty fabrications.